Quality drinking water, straight from the tap!

With portable UJETA water filters, you can be enjoying fresh drinking water straight from the tap quickly and easily, without having to worry about possible residues. Whether in your own home or when travelling, once fitted you always have your source of fresh water with you, wherever you go.

  • Can be used anywhere, indoors or out
  • Fitting is child's play, and does not require tools
  • A few simple operations, and it is ready to use immediately
  • Fresh drinking water, straight from the tap, any time
  • Best quality drinking water, thanks to innovative filter technology
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Very clear reasons for UJETA water filters!

Pure purity

For the human body to function at all, it needs daily intake of drinking water in its purest form. Whether at breakfast, in the office, or playing sport - UJETA filters turn conventional tap water into the pure elixir of life.

Pure performance

UJETA water filters remove 99.9999 per cent of all germs, bacteria and contaminants (LOG 6 classification). The efficient activated-carbon filters and ultra-sensitive membrane filter therefore ensure a clean result wherever they are used.

Firm adhesion

Thanks to the adsorption properties of the activated carbon (surface adhesion), even heavy metals, chemicals and drug residues are reliably filtered out. A wide range of pesticides and germs of all kinds can similarly be removed.

Natural vitality

UJETA water filters are equipped with energising crystals to vitalise the drinking water drawn from them. In addition, a special turbulence technique refines the filtered water, practically turning your tap into a natural spring.

Simple installation, simply inspired!

Fitting the UJETA Home & Travel water filter is as easy as it is inspired. It takes just 90 seconds to fit to any conventional water tap with a ¾-inch standard thread. Simply unscrew the perlator on your tap, replace it with the UJETA perlator adapter, and then fit the rotary adapter. Alternatively, the optionally-available changeover valve (not included in the scope of supply) can be used instead of the UJETA rotary adapter, enabling you to select easily between filtered water and normal tap water, for instance if you just want to rinse something. Thanks to this functional design, you can be enjoying the best drinking water in a matter of moments – directly from the tap, and even when travelling.

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Giving the gift of water means giving life.

Everyone has a natural right to direct access to fresh drinking water. After all, not only is it our elixir of life, it is also one of our most important sources of nutrients. It’s precisely for that reason that we, as a forward-looking company, are particularly keen to enable people in need around the world to use our innovative filter technologies to obtain an essential supply of drinking water. Support us in this work, and become a water sponsor too.

Are you looking for meaningful social engagement for your company? Then work with us to develop a unique aid project where you can commit your donations precisely in those areas where they are genuinely needed.

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Bring your source of drinking water directly into the home.

Give your body the thing it needs most, every day: water, in its purest form. With our practical UJETA water filters, clean drinking water becomes your daily companion, whether at breakfast in the morning, on your way into work or to school, or in the evening over dinner with friends and relatives. Filter fresh drinking water direct from the tap at home or when travelling, quickly and conveniently, at any time – with no elaborate installation, no trade fitters and no technical jargon involved.

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