The little helper with the big impact!

UJETA Care is probably the world's smallest water treatment system. As it is easy to use, anyone - including children - can produce clean drinking water without expending a lot of effort. It can even be transported easily to remote or hard-to-reach areas thanks to its practical design, given that the handy "filter box" weighs just 13 kg when filled (including 10 litres of water). As inspired as it is simple: a minimum of effort, for the maximum in clean drinking water.

  • Low weight, for optimum transport capability
  • Compact and handy format
  • Exceptionally easy to handle
  • Filters all kinds of surface water
  • Best quality drinking water, thanks to the micro-filter technology
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Four-times filtered drinking pleasure!

Water treatment with no pipes and no electricity? It might sound utopian, but it is UJETA Care’s unique selling point. That’s because achieving a supply of fresh drinking water was never so simple as with our minimalist concept for treating contaminated water. Simply draw the surface water from a well or from a freshwater lake or river into the filter box, pump it for a short while, and thanks to the quadruple filter technology you can enjoy clean drinking water within seconds. One particularly practical feature is that the UJETA Care container can serve simultaneously as a means of transporting the water (including pre-filtering of coarse particles), so that the dirty water can be treated directly at the place where it is most urgently needed.

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Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce the world over, and increasing numbers of people lack direct access to clean sources of water. To counteract this trend and to help the poorest of the poor, we are particularly concerned to achieve a straightforward, and above all inexpensive, solution. With the help of our innovative filter technologies, not only can we contribute to the basic supply of drinking water worldwide, but we can also save many lives. You can support us in our efforts by becoming a water sponsor, developing a unique aid project together with us for people in need.

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Water treatment as the best crisis intervention!

Worldwide, there is a massive need for action on the supply of drinking water – particularly in war zones and crisis regions, and in areas that regularly fall victim to environmental disasters. With our UJETA Care filter systems, we offer both state-backed and private aid organisations an inexpensive solution for safe and straightforward water treatment directly on the ground – precisely in those places where fresh drinking water is most urgently needed.

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