UJETA changeover valve


•  ‘Made in Germany’ quality
•  Can be installed without tools
•  Fits any tap with a ¾-inch external thread
•  Pressure-tight up to 3 bar

Inhalt: UJETA changeover valve



Direct connection for your water source!

With the UJETA changeover valve, you have instant control over whether you want to draw your water directly from the mains or whether you prefer to have your drinking water filtered. This practical adapter is simply fitted between your tap and the UJETA Home & Travel filter system. Once installed, you simply turn the changeover lever to choose between unfiltered mains water or thoroughly-cleaned drinking water that has first been channelled through the ultra-efficient UJETA filter system.

  • Installed or dismantled in just 90 seconds
  • Suitable for conventional taps with a ¾-inch standard thread
  • Compatible with 50% of all customary commercial taps with a projecting water perlator
  • Fits the UJETA rotary adapter

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UJETA develops innovative filter technologies that can be used to remove up to 99.9999 per cent of germs, bacteria and other contaminants or residues (LOG 6 classification) from contaminated water. With the help of its adaptable water filters, UJETA ensures worldwide supply of fresh and uncontaminated drinking water – whether for personal use in the home, or as a welcome life-saver in crisis regions and third world countries.

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